Review: My Thoughts On Organo Gold Coffee


I’m a big coffee lover and have always been looking out for alternatives to coffee or coffee drinks that can be good for me (yes, there is such a thing!). Unlike some who only drink coffee for the caffeine – I drink coffee because I love the taste, the smell and of course the wonderful feeling of having a hot drink in my hand to unwind. Luckily, the caffeine in most coffee drinks doesn’t leave me with an adrenaline rush but it can help me wake up if I have to be up very early in the morning for work or if I’m feeling very rough from staying up too late the night before.

I was sent a few samples of Organo Gold Coffee; caffe latte, mocha, black coffee and green tea sachets to be exact to review for my blog. After sampling all of the coffee-based sachets (I didn’t try the green tea), I can say that my favourite was the mocha. The taste of rich chocolate and coffee together is simply amazing!


Organo Gold coffee also claims that its drinks provide additional health benefits such as reducing stress, boost immunity, detox the body as it contains “100% Ganoderma” [cited from the distributor] which is a mushroom that has special immune-boosting health properties. The coffee currently can be bought from representatives, similar to how Avon and other mail-order companies work.

Currently on their Twitter page, @dbcoffeeshop they are offering customers 20% off their order. The discount code to use is dbcoffeeshop20% – pretty good if you fancy giving this company’s coffee a try. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy | Organo Gold Coffee Review
Caffe Latte with cream
The Greenwich Mummy | Organo Gold Coffee Review
The mocha was really tasty

My thoughts on the coffee… All of the different sachets were tasty, smooth and rich – exactly what I love in a good coffee. I can’t really comment on any benefits simply because I didn’t experience any from drinking it. Although, can definitely say that the coffee did provide me with an energy boost minus that sluggish you can sometimes get after from drinking too much caffeine.

I have drank a lot of instant coffee from various brands and can say that I really like this one compared to all of the standard supermarket types out there. The reason being is that it tastes more like ‘real’ coffee – similar to the ones you get from coffee shops. That is also probably why the price of these sachets are quite dear. At £23.25 for a box of 15 sachets, it works out to about £1.55 a sachet which is cheaper than ordering a coffeebut it’s definitely not cheaper than making a cuppa at home. I would consider buying the box for work though as it would save me a lot of money than my usual coffee purchases at the moment so it’s definitely on my list of “things to buy” when I have much more disposable income. 🙂

Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature

*NB. I was kindly sent samples of Organo Gold coffee to try out and I decided to write this review in light of receiving the samples. All photos, words and opinions are solely my own.


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