Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow


In response to The Daily Post’s WPC: Narrow

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow
Sandy artwork on the narrow strip

A little bit late this week – I didn’t realise how many posts I actually need to write up! I’m also collaborating a lot more this month with people and brands which I love 100% but it’s making me so busy I just about fit in time for myself and the kids.

This week we’ve been to a few places including the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the National maritime Museum, London Southbank and we’re planning to go to the beach this weekend. When it’s low tide, there is a narrow edge just passed the┬áLondon Southbank pier where people seem to go every year to sit and enjoy before the tide comes back in. It’s not extremely narrow but comparing it to the edge of a sandy beach, I’d say its relatively narrow. ­čÖé

Sometimes you get people who do some crazy stuff there… like┬ácreating a massive art piece out of sand!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow
When the tide is low, people come down to play

I took these photos on my iPhone and wished I could’ve gotten closer to the artwork but unfortunately I didn’t want to risk taking the kids down there especially when we had been out all morning and LO had just woken up from a nap that he took in Caffe Nero. Seeing all the sand is what made me really want to take the kids to the beach this weekend.┬áI am hoping the weather stays lovely so we can enjoy our day out. I also hope it’s not too hot as I don’t want the kids to become dehydrated or exhausted from the heat.

I guess now it’s time for me to leave you to enjoy your day… Happy Weekend! ­čÖé




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