Hello August!


I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. We’ve all been experiencing highs and lows. We’re trying our best to stay sane. Hoping normality will return soon. Summer is starting to arrive but we’ll see how long it’ll last.

So what’s been going on the blog?

10K Blog Views
Last month was the most visitors the blog has had… EVER! We reached a record of 10,000 views and I am so thankful for all the people who passed by. Seriously, I never thought I would get that many views to the blog – whether it’s a one-off or ongoing, it’s too soon to tell but I hope it’s the latter!

The Greenwich Mummy | London Family Lifestyle Blogger

Hair Vlogs
I’ve also been trying to make some vlogs again – I need A LOT of practice and my editing skills are still very poor but practice makes progress right? The video is a hair post on my wash day routine, I will upload this to a blog post soon as I originally uploaded it to a previous wavy hair routine post but that one’s becoming a bit long to read IMO. For a sneak peak, here’s a photo of how my hair’s looking so far if you’re interested. It’s getting a little more defined and after three years… I’m thankful for the process. It’s a long one for sure but saying that, I’ll not go back to my old ways. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Updated 2A Wavy Hair Routine
*UDPATE* July 2020 – low poo wash, air dried

Summer Holidays
July was the start of the children’s school holidays and I am thankful we don’t have the pressure of homeschooling right now but I would love to do a little more. Only because I feel like if Little Man doesn’t get in his daily learning, he might struggle when he goes back to school. We use Purple Mash (school login details) and Little Man loves a bit of coding and lego-building throughout the day. I’ve recently gotten him into Minecraft the game as he loved Minecraft coding but I’m thinking that may have been a wrong move as he’s watching Minecraft building tutorials more than actually playing it. Who knows?

August Plans
I have a few things I need to get my butt in gear for – including another beauty box review and video, more hair videos and more posting in general. I’m coming down with the travel bug and really want to go away but with the current situation in the UK, travelling may have to be put on hold until 2021 but at least I can share my travel plans with you in the meantime.

What we did last year:

Last year we visited Disneyland Paris for mine and Little Man’s birthday which was AMAZING! We will definitely be back but when, we’re not yet sure as it did cost us a lot of money and we just don’t have that kind of money available to make it a yearly thing or go for a longer stay just yet. I also have my eyes set on returning to Ibiza or perhaps one of the Canary Islands as Little Man had his first holiday there, it would be nice to take Little Miss to Spain for the first time too.

Disneyland Paris in a Day: visiting on a tiny budget | Travel Review

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Disneyland Paris 2019 Review
Our day trip to Disneyland Paris 2019



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