Family Travel: we’re going on a staycation at Kits Coty Glamping

Kits Coty Glamping Gretel Cabin - The Wandering Mother

The kids will be going back to school on Monday and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Part of me is thrilled that they are going back, seeing their friends and finally get back to learning but there is another part of me that is anxious about how it’ll work in terms of social distancing, whether there will be another lockdown and just general hygiene safety measures.

As much as I’d like to think that the kids’ learning will pick up and resume like they’d never left but I’d be dreaming. Personally I think that the whole of September will most likely be at a slower rate as schools ensure all children are at the same level of learning before the ‘real learning’ can commence again.

With that said, I’ve made a conscious decision to book a little two nights trip away at Kits Coty Glamping for our family of four. We’re due to check-in on Tuesday afternoon so the kids will be going to school in the morning and we’ll head down to the site by late afternoon in time for dinner. We’re checking out Thursday morning so my plan is to either leave early enough to make it back for school (Aylesford, Kent is a 40mins drive from our home) OR we’ll check-out before 10am and spend the rest of the day visiting museums for educational visits and other learning activities.

Who are Kits Coty Glamping?

Ran by Mark and Ami, Kits Coty Glamping is a serene family-run glamping site in Aylesford, Kent. They couple encourage other couples and families to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy, everyday lives and relax in their peaceful accommodation and surroundings.

Embracing the noise of nature is promoted (no amplified or live music, no shouting and screaming, loud talking etc) which is wonderful but our family is naturally a little on the loud side so I’m not sure how it’ll pan out but keep your fingers crossed for us and for the other families staying at the other houses nearby. Hopefully the kids will be able to exert some self-control! 

Where we will be staying…

Kits Coty Glamping Gretel Cabin - The Wandering Mother

The Gretel House

This charming, little rustic cabin will be our home for two nights in a couple of weeks. The cosy cabin can house up to two adults and two children which is perfect for us.

The Gretel house has been fabulously kitted out by Kits Coty and the kids are super excited to sleep in the cosy little bunk beds which are nestled into the wooden walls. Take a tour of the cabin on the company’s website.

Gretel is our enchanted woodland themed cabin perfect for families with small children and couples alike.


The Gretel cabin is the smallest out of all the accommodations offered here. The largest accommodation houses up to six people and there are shared bathroom facilities (with hot running water) onsite. There are also shared toilets however on the Kits Coty website, it states that the Gretel cabin has its own toilet, I hope this is correct as that’ll really help if Little Miss needs the loo at night time.

I’ll write a little review on our staycation once we get back and let you know all about it… whether we were quiet enough or not! :-S From first impressions, we are really looking forward to it as it looks fab. Let’s hope it’s not as cold as when we went camping a few years back…


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